Sunday, March 5, 2017

Why Your Business Should Encourage Complaints From Clients?

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Complaints to a business are generally seen as a negative thing, given that they unnecessarily indicate that there is some shortcoming in the service provided. What many businesses don’t understand is a lot of the time that when complaints aren’t coming through, it isn’t necessarily a sign that things are going well. Obviously, a lack of complaints can be taken as a positive, but it really depends on context.

The point is that complaints can often be seen as a good thing and something that is necessary for a business to progress. Mistakes are going to be made from time to time, and it’s important to identify and correct them if the company is going to expand. Let’s take a look at a few of the main reasons you should see a complaint as a positive rather than a negative.

It Serves As Constructive Criticism

When it comes to running a successful business, the more information you have about your customers and how well you are serving their needs, the better. True, receiving a complaint can be stressful and can possibly put a business under pressure. However, there is no doubting the fact that it also serves as a wake-up call.

A business should always be improving, becoming more efficient and serving customers better. Complaints can serve an important purpose as they signal to a business which areas need to be improved and worked on. A good business will not only take them to heart but use them as constructive criticism and improve processes.

It Can Be A Signal Of A  Good Relationship

Good customer service means being able to establish a relationship and mutual trust between the two parties. Under such conditions, customers can feel comfortable enough to express their concerns with you about the service you are providing, rather than simply cancelling or going with another provider the next time around. 

Ultimately, having honesty in a customer relationship usually serves as a benefit to both parties. If you’re getting a complaint, it can be a sign that there are strong communication and comfort between clients and the staff. A personal answering service can be a good example here.

Allows You To Keep Customers Happy

Often, receiving a complaint is really a best-case scenario if you’ve made a mistake. If a customer mentions that something was lacking in your service, you are in a great position to correct this mistake and regain their trust. It gives you a chance to prove yourself to them as a provider as quickly as possible. 

Taking responsibility for a mistake and showing that you’re willing to make up for it is a great way to impress a customer and doing so ensures that they don’t leave a negative review online. If the problem isn’t dealt with, this is quite possible and even likely.

It Can Make Staff More Accountable

If you are receiving complaints on a regular basis, your staff will not only start to hold themselves more accountable and potentially take their customer service duties more seriously, but they’ll also be more in tune with what makes customers happy.

If you aren’t hearing feedback from customers, it can be difficult to develop an intuitive sense of what should be done in a certain situation. Having regular complaints from customers and responding to them can actually instil a positive culture into a business.

No matter what size your business is, good customer service is hugely important. If you are able to encourage your clients to complain and provide genuine feedback, you are in a much better position to properly serve them. Call Service provides a number of services aimed at ensuring good communication between the client and staff, ensuring that you don’t miss important phone calls. This is an important consideration if you are focusing on good customer service. Contact us directly for more information.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Which Small Businesses are Suited to Call Answering Services?

In this highly competitive age, businesses of all sizes are looking at ways to cut costs now more than ever. Call answering services have become one such option, particularly for small businesses that are growing and expanding. It is not only a way for a company to handle the incoming and outgoing calls, but to convey the level of professionalism that helps create a business in the future. Let’s have a look at the kinds of businesses it best suits.


What is a Call Answering Service?


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"A call answering service is essentially designed to act as an extension of a business and manage the incoming, and potentially the outgoing calls, leaving the staff to focus on more important things"

This means that when a call comes through to the business, it is diverted to the call service team, who are trained to deal with enquiries in a professional manner and represent the business well. Following a script, they can take down information, give advice, book appointments or whatever else is needed.

Generally, these services are highly flexible, meaning if the business is in the process of expanding and needs a temporary means of dealing with high volume calls, this can provide the answer.


What are the Advantages?

Obviously, contracting a phone answering service is less expensive than bringing on staff to handle these responsibilities. It means a business can use resources in other areas. It is particularly valuable for sole traders or partnerships, where the business is growing to a size where managing all the phone enquiries is getting in the way of actually completing contracted work.

There is also the added benefit of potentially being available 24/7, essentially meaning a business never misses a call from a potential customer no matter what time they ring. In certain lines of work, offering all hour’s phone service is extremely valuable.

What Kind of Businesses can Benefit?

While it’s true that a call answering service isn’t ideal for every kind of company, there are certain industries and types of business where it really adds value. In most professionals that require reception staff, you’ll find that a call service is appropriate.


Trades Services

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Before a plumber, painter or electrician expands into a large business, there is a period where they’ll be handling their own calls. This becomes tricky when on the job and more often than not means that some calls simply aren’t answered. For a smaller sized business, which needs to make the most of the calls it does get, this can be problematic. That’s why an answering service is quite popular with tradespeople.


Medical Professionals


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Doctors operating a smaller sized business are often very busy and are required to see patients throughout the day, possibly conduct home visits, coordinate with other specialists and or general practitioners and deal with patients calling in needing results and appointments. A call service can help manage this if hiring reception staff is not yet an option.


Offices with Large Customer Bases


There are businesses in a wide range of industries, though particularly the technology industry, that service hundreds of clients on an ongoing, or subscription basis. This means that while every client may only touch base every few months, the volume of calls can be difficult to manage. These kinds of companies usually find call services to be very helpful and can be an asset if the business is structured in this way.

Phone answering services are very easy to find and rates are highly affordable, depending on the plan you go ahead with. The best one you have in Australia is Call Service – a  professional & highly experienced phone answering service provider. Contact Call Service today for more information!